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I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have been licensed and bonded as an Auctioneer since 1976 and I am also the owner of the West Fairfield Auction Barn (135 Fairfield Road, New Florence, PA 15944). I am a member of the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association (PAA) and the National Auctioneer's Association (NAA). I am also a top ten finalist of the 2013 and 2015 PAA Bid Calling Competitions.

I started my auction career under the guidance of my father, Col. Harry R. Boring. We have worked as a father-daughter team throughout the years, selling antiques, collectibles, new merchandise, farm equipment and automobiles. ​See Current Auctions

Call today for a free consultation   (724) 235-2688

Call (724) 235-2688 for a free consultation!

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My service to you, will be to provide you with my experience, honesty, hard work, reliability and trust. I believe that every auction situation is unique and I will treat you with the respect and sensitivity that your particular situation deserves. If you are in need of an auction, or just thinking about having one, “you can feel comfortable calling me.” ​